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Our Love Story

love is feeling the sun from both sides...

During December 2001, there was a bbq gathering at my friend's house compound where our love story begins...
I was there as a "spectator", as dear was there, at the bbq gathering with his girlfriend-to-be & his ex-girlfriend. After the bbq, the 3 of them & I, were in 1 of our friend's car who drove us home. 
The next day, he got my contact no. from 1 of my friends. That's how our daily phone calls started.  Updating our daily life & what's happening around us. It started from a pure friendship. But within a short 1 month's time, we found that our friendship is not just a normal pure friendship. Calling & talking to each other has become a habit for us. Without hearing each other's voice for just a day, we will somehow feel uncomfortable, & disappointed.
That's where we knew something has developed between us. Love.
As he was having some love committments then, I knew he had a hard time trying to sort out his feelings. However, in the end, he made up his mind. He chose me.
He said he has never regret his decision. & I have never too. From that day onwards, our life has brightened with each other to share with & to care with. Occasionally, dear will fetch me home after my jap classes on every Fridays. He will also bring me to IKEA as he knows that it is 1 of my favourite place. We give each other surprises & little gifts & cards too.
To us, every second spent with each other is to be treasured...


Happiness is...

having a hot bathe
laugh till you can't stop
spending time with your good friends
waking up & knowing that you can sleep for an hour more
found $ in your pocket
get surprises

falling in love